Web site breaks 450,000 hits

By Delcohoops.com

In less than four full seasons our web site has passed 450,000 hits!  What a wonderful testament to high school basketball fans in Delaware County and through-out the Philly area.

We have 23 high schools in Delaware County but those schools, year after year, offer some of the best high school basketball anywhere!  We rely on the Daily Times, City of Love Basketball and Philly.com web sites to provide coverage of games and news which we review every day and then link from our web site.  That allows our readers to quickly review the information from these major sources and link directly to their stories. We wouldn’t be nearly as interesting a read without these terrific sources.

We also provide the only regular source of game broadcasting for high school basketball in the area.  That’s not so easy with 23 schools and over 400 games in only a 10-week season (not including playoffs).  Of course our games are not only LIVE but are available on our archives so that the players themselves as well as family and friends can tune in to the game anytime after it has concluded and listen to the full broadcast.

Best of all this web site and our broadcasts are completely free to our readers and listeners and that would not be possible without the very generous support of our sponsors.  It takes several thousand dollars to do all that we do and every year the businesses on the right side of our page step up and send us their support.  If you ever need their services please contact them and let them know that you are a Delcohoops.com fan and your appreciate their support.

A special shout-out to Burmans Medical Supplies who has made a special effort of support to make sure we can broadast right through the playoffs, no matter where they take us and who is playing! 

We still have a week of so to go until the season ends!  It’s been a great ‘ride’ and we look forward to many more years to come.