About Us





Delcohoops.com is a privately held and financed web site and audio broadcast network which exists to promote high school basketball in Delaware County.

The focus is always on sportsmanship, fair play, school spirit and school pride. No discussion of player injuries or any negative news is permitted.

Delcohoops.com recognizes that all participants in high school sports are young to mid-teens and they are performing to the best of their ability. No negative criticism of their efforts is ever acceptable.

Although Delcohoops.com is not affiliated with any school, school district or athletic program our primary mission is to increase the enjoyment and participation of the community in high school basketball.

Web Master

Mike Mayer is a 30+ year resident of Nether Providence and has been an avid high school sports fan since his oldest son, Jared, played in 1996. 

Mike started publishing Havenfootball.net in 2002 simply publishing simple game stats from the newspaper and articles.  Players requested more elaborate statistics and the site has now grown to include its own complete stats, pictures and articles from various sources around the state and even around the country. They began audio broadcasting on the Internet in 2006 and have broadcast every Strath Haven football game since. 

Mike saw a need, a few years ago, to create a Delaware County high school basketball site featuring some of the best teams in Pennsylvania. 2013 was our inaugural year offering both a complete web site and weekly audio LIVE game broadcasts.

If you have any suggestions, questions or even criticism you can contact Mike at delcohoops@aol.com