The 2015/16 Basketball Season has ended


By Mike Mayer. Webmaster

Another great season of high school boy’s basketball has concluded and all of us at were proud to bring you all the local articles and stories from around the county.  Our web site has enjoyed over 75,000 hits this year and we were able to bring you 22 game broadcasts (with over 10,000 listeners) featuring the best high school basketball athletes our county offers!

None of this could have been done without the generosity of our sponsors.  It is their contributions that allow us to bring you these web pages and broadcasts at no cost to you and without any tax payer dollars.  If you ever have a need for any of their services please give them a call and tell them you appreciate their support of Delaware County high school basketball!

A word of thanks to all the Athletic Directors in the County which made their facilities available to us and whose cooperation was essential.

To our sensational play-by-play announcer, Dave Burman, who spends hours going over numbers (stats) and players and who manages to give insight and history of the game in Delaware County.  His enthusiasm for high school sports and the kids who play them is contagious. You only need to hear his calls to share in his excitement of the game.

To our late entry, Mark Jordan, who joined our broadcast for color commentary as the playoffs started. As the long-time girl’s basketball coach for Radnor, Mark brought a basketball ability to see the game as coaches see them and managed to share those thoughts during our broadcasts. We believe he was a great addition to the quality of our games.

Our overwhelming appreciation to Brenda Jean Burman (Dave’s wife) who attending every game with us and volunteered to hand-out rosters to the fans, check the starting line-ups, put up signs, help clean up after every game. She also took photos and videos and was our “go-to” person during the game when the rest of us were tethered to head-sets and mics. We couldn’t have done it as well without her!

Finally, to the young men and women we covered, who played their hearts out, win or lose, for the last four months.  These young athletes and their family and friends are the reasons we spend the time and effort on these pages and our broadcast.  We want their athletic endeavors to feel special and we hope we have achieved our goal.

See you in November!