Clippers know it’s their time — no calendar necessary

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By Christopher A. Vito

 Ask around. There was no recent rush to area party stores for orange and black streamers. There was no need for the coach to call a press conference, or for the fans to call their neighbors. There, similarly, was no urgency among the locals to inspect the bracket.

The obvious doesn’t need any special treatment, or attention called upon it, or a calendar to recognize it. The people of Chester know: This is their time of year.

Outside of an early-bird dinner and a slightly longer commute, Tuesday’s game was the same as the 11 that had come before it. But this one, unlike those 11, wasn’t at the Clip Joint on 9th and Barclay. This one was at North Philadelphia’s Liacouras Center, at Temple University — but games like these have a way of feeling eerily similar.

So did the result.

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