Prepping for Preps ’17-18 by City of Basketball Love – Garnet Valley


By Josh Verlin

This is a great series of articles by COBL prepping for the new basketball season.  We promote their pages regularly and suggest you mark their site as a “favorite” to get all the continuing articles in this series.  There is no better local hoops source than COBL!

Garnet Valley –

Garnet Valley basketball has come a long way in a relatively short period of time.

Head coach Mike Brown knows there’s a little further still for his Jaguars to go.

When Brown took over the Jags six years ago, it was a Garnet Valley program that had won three games in three seasons, total. With southern Delaware County experiencing a population explosion in the last 15 years, Garnet Valley’s student population had necessitated a move up to the Central League and the “large school” classifications of the PIAA, and the athletics needed some time to catch up.

Last year, Garnet Valley celebrated a state title in girls’ volleyball and a second-place finish in the District 1 football tournament; the Garnet’s girls’ lacrosse team has won three state championships in the last five years.

This could be the year the basketball team joins that group of Jaguars teams who have made it through to PIAA state tournament competition.

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