It’s been a great season – Thank you!

By Mike Mayer, Webmaster

Another season has come and gone for us here at

Unfortunately none of the 23 high school teams we cover made it to Hershey this year but that is the unknown nature of sports. We followed all the boys’ teams (and occasionally girls’ team as well) for almost four months, over 400 games and we broadcast 20 games this year including the Central League Championship games (boys and girls). We covered the PIAA District One playoffs including the finals and got deep into the PIAA state playoffs despite snow postponements.

Over 150,000 people checked our pages during the season and more than 15,000 of you tuned into our weekly LIVE audio game broadcasts (or listened to the archived version).

By any standard it has been an outstanding year for our little project we call The positive responses we get from players, coaches, friends and family as well as the fans make our efforts all the more worthwhile.  We know what we do is appreciated but it’s always nice to hear it from our viewers and listeners.

A big thank-you to our sponsors who are listed on the right side of this page. A special thanks to Burman Medical Supplies who steps up every year and underwrites these pages and broadcasts to guarantee that we can afford to do what we do and make sure we are able to cover the playoffs as deep as our teams compete.  Please patronize all our sponsors whenever possible.  It cost several thousand dollars to do everything we do and you reap the benefit of their generosity.

To my broadcast partners who really make our Game-of-the-Week work as well as it does. Dave Burman, truly the voice of and high school basketball in Delaware County.  His ability to stay with the game, keep up with all the news and bring knowledge of the game and history of Delaware County high school sports leaves me in awe every week.  To Pete Fulginiti who loves the game and has found a home keeping game stats for us and giving us some color and insight every week.  To Mark Jordan, Radnor girls’ basketball coach and the basketball “brains” on all our playoff games and who makes our playoff broadcasts extra special.  My “go-to” person, Brenda Burman, who helps in all game day activities and makes all the little details happen.  To all the Athletic Directors who have patiently put up with my constant request for rosters, schedules and help setting up for broadcasts.  This would never work without your help.

Last, but not least, the love of my life, my wife, who is willing to work my broadcast schedule around family events, special occasions and life in general. Her willingness to let me put in the countless hours for this “hobby” I love is greatly appreciated.

We’ll see all of you back in December 2017!