Time for PIAA to cancel winter championships

By Matt Smith

It’s time for the PIAA to cancel the state basketball and swimming championships.

The PIAA Board of Directors released Monday an update on the winter sports championships. 

Buried in the fourth paragraph of the statement was this message:

“No action was taken regarding the start of spring sports or the possible re-start of the winter championships.”

After noting Gov. Tom Wolf’s announcement Monday to keep schools closed indefinitely, the statement continued.

“PIAA will continue to receive and assess information from the Governor’s office, the Department of Health and the Department of Education before making any decisions re-starting sports activities.”

What’s the point?

With Wolf’s update about school closures earlier in the day, this so-called update from the PIAA was the best news possible for basketball teams. Unfortunately, everything we know about the COVID-19 pandemic seems to suggest that our country will not be returning to normalcy anytime soon. If you listen to the medical experts, and ignore the very stable genius in the Oval Office, you’ll know by now the worst has yet to come.

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