Get to a game this week!

By Staff

As much as we love to see our broadcast listeners during our live broadcasts we think many of you are missing an opportunity to go out and see some great high school basketball at very reasonable prices.

This coming week there are no less than 8 boy’s playoff games taking place in Delaware County……and that’s just through Wednesday.  We don’t know what teams will advance to the next rounds for games on Friday and Saturday!  Maybe one of the great girl’s playoff games is closer.  You can check their playoff schedule at Girl’s Playoffs

Tickets are $5 and parking is FREE.  The venues are your local area high schools. You take your seat by walking onto the court and there is no “nose-bleed” section.  Many schools have a student section which brings lots of noise and drama to the game and, of course, the cheerleaders.  You can hear the coaches barking out instructions and no matter where you sit, it will be closer than anything you would probably get at a college or pro game.

Food and drink (non alcoholic…this is high school after-all) is available and very reasonably priced.  

A 7:00 PM game will be over by 8:45 and driving home will probably take less than 10 minutes!  

Go to our Schedule page and take a look at what’s playing in your neighborhood! Take in a high school basketball game this week.  We think you’ll be delighted at the caliber of play, the enthusiasm and the pure fun of witnessing a LIVE sporting event at your local high school.