District seedings aren’t a correctable error

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By Matt DeGeorge

Is it that time of year already? Time for the “the district seeding system is flawed’ column? You can almost feel it in your bones.

Well here goes (apologies if you’ve heard this before). Ahem, the District One boys basketball seeding system is flawed.

How else do you explain the fact that Central League champion Lower Merion, plummeting because it stumbled out of the gates three tournaments and four blizzards ago in December, receiving the nine seed … mere hours after beating No. 1 seed Conestoga by 10 points for the Central League title? And sure, Chester’s nonleague slate was impressive as always, but so striking as to vault them six spots ahead of Del Val champ Penn Wood?

The flaws, it seems, are unavoidable and hardly confined to basketball. Watch enough sports, talk to enough coaches in the area and it becomes apparent that every sport, using every variation under the sun still has to stomach the occasional complaints of a wronged team. (Don’t believe me, ask your friendly neighborhood Catholic League coach.)

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