Capitano ‘explodes for points’ again in Episcopal victory

Episcopal Academy’s Alex Capitano hits a jump shot against Haverford School Tuesday night. The Churchmen went on to a 46-34 victory. (Pete Bannan/MediaNews Group)

By Matthew DeGeorge

By the time Alex Capitano looked down the court on an inbounds play under the Episcopal Academy basket, the game was pretty well decided. The 40 points the Churchmen had on the board at that point, with three minutes to play, would prove to be more than rival Haverford School would get to, so what transpired next was more for emphasis.

Capitano spied Andrew Alikakos breaking free from the other eight players on the court and aimed a one-handed, 80-foot dart in his direction. Alikakos moved toward the basket, used two hands to control the laser of an outlet pass, and after one-dribble went up for an uncontested layup.

“It’s usually the other way around,” Alikakos said. “I’m usually the inbounder. There’s been 4-5 times that I’ve thrown one to him this year. He’ll dunk it, though. I didn’t dunk it.”

Dunk or not, it applied the exclamation point on a 46-34 Inter-Ac League win for EA, underscoring the main point of the rivals’ encounter: Where Capitano and Alikakos put together big-time performances, no one on the host Fords managed to do the same.

Capitano led all scorers with 20 points. At halftime, he held a 14-13 edge over the entire Haverford team, which at that point included nine players hustled into the game to try and stanch the bleeding.

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